About Us

The essential daylong event for the yoga scene in 2013

  • Take classes with the best of Irish yoga teachers.
  • Go to lectures by experts in the field of yoga, green and sustainable living.
  • Brouse yoga clothes, mats, superfoods, raw food, green gadgets, bikes, skincare.
  • Eat delicious healthy organic food from The Happy Pear.
  • Get a massage or treatment.
  • Meet friends, old and new. Network with like-minded yoga-loving folk!
  • Learn how to better look after yourself and the planet.
  • Stretch, chillout, have fun!

Greg Walsh

greg walsh

Founder of Samadhi Yoga

Greg Walsh has been teaching yoga since 1999. He is Iyengar Junior Intermediate 2 trained, and accredited with Yoga Alliance, the highest certification that international body Yoga Alliance gives. Greg owns Samadhi Yoga Studios, with branches in Dublin’s Temple Bar and Drogheda. Samadhi is nationally recognized for its teacher training, and the high standard of its classes. Samadhi has been open for 7 years, and previous to that Greg ran Prana Yoga Centre.

Peter O’Brien

Peter O'Brien

Cultural Creative

Peter has been working in the area of social change for 12 years. He is committed to helping facilitate a cleaner and healthier more fun society where people can connect and collaborate to improve peoples lives. He is founder and co-founder of several socially conscious and environmental businesses, including Visionaries, Energy Futures, Edenbee, Happenings, Creativities, Upstart Collaborative, Yestival and of course Breathe Expo.

Nikki Cousins

Founder of Ashtanga Ireland

Nikki has been teaching yoga in Dublin since 2004. She is a dedicated Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner, and her passion for the practice comes from her first-hand experience of its transformative power. She originally trained with Paul Dallaghan in Yoga Thailand, and she continues to study with him every year. She has also trained with many of the top teachers in the world, traveling to different corners of the globe to seek out teachings. Yoga Thailand is where she got her EYRT500 from Yoga Alliance, which is the highest accreditation attainable by the international yoga body. Nikki teaches yoga in Malahide and Dublin city centre and is the primary teacher-trainer on the Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training programme.

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