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Patricia Lohan

patricia lohan

Himalayan bowls, Gongs, Tingshaws & Voice Healer

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    Patricia a Galway Native, based in Dublin always had interest in Spirituality and all things ‘complementary’ since a young age and this interest and commitment to healing and yoga on a daily basis evolved very organically meeting and learning from many different teachers & healers over the years and was guided to become a Reiki Master.

    The practice of yoga was central to her development and has been practicing yoga for 7 years now where her commitment, practice & love of yoga led her to train to become a yoga teacher in India. Patricias’ world travels brought her to Nepal leading her to learn and experience the magic of Tibetan Singing Bowls. She is now certified in Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing and Sacred Sound and maintains a private practice offering an integrated system for healing which includes Sacred Sound and Reiki, Yoga & Visualization. Patricia conducts meditation groups, works with people on the Spectrum, educational presentations, keynotes and concerts nationwide on healing using the Himalayan bowls, Gongs, Tingshaws & Voice.

Sound Healing & Meditation

Introduction to Sacred Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls & Gongs.

We live in a sea of sound. Even in silence, we can hear the beat of our own hearts. How often have you used sound to uplift your spirits when you are feeling sad or bad? Do you sing a song, play a CD, call a friend and talk? How often have you brought yourself and others down by words used in anger and frustration? Can the sounds we utter and surround ourselves with heal ourselves and others? The sounds we hear around us affect our health and vitality.

In ancient times sacred sound was used as a powerful tool for healing, meditation and self-transformation. The Universe is made up of vibration and sound is not only a most potent tool in maintaining and creating our sense of well-being, but also can be used to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.” Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine, the Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York

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Deirdre Hughes

Deirdre Hughes

Dee is a student, teacher and obsessed yogi.

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    She is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for over 8 years. She completed her 500hrYTT Purna Yoga in Byron Bay, Australia. Dee discovered yoga after struggling for many years with chronic illness and a demanding career in advertising and magazine publishing. Her passion is to teach classes in the Hatha/Vinyasa tradition with a focus on breathing and healthy alignment to promote spiritual and physical awareness, oh and to have fun :) Finding stillness in breath and movement is the cornerstone of all her classes. She is also a qualified Anti-Gravity yoga & Pilates teacher.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow yoga to waken you up!

Come and start your day with this flowing energizing sequence designed to wake you up, get your body moving and ready to take on your day. A playful flow including sun salutes, stretches, standing poses and a simple cool down. Better than coffee & feels good :)

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Paula Mitten

Paula Mitten

Owner of Durga Yoga and Antenatal

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    Owner of Durga Yoga and Antenatal, Paula Mitten travels regularly to Spain and London teaching on Frog Lotus Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings and will soon bring them to Ireland.

    Whilst studying fitness and sports psychology I took my first Vinyasa Flow yoga class, I went on to practice many different styles including Ashtanga and Iyengar but eventually came back to Vinyasa Flow. I have trained in Dublin, USA, India and Thailand, studying Advanced Yoga, Pre and Post-Natal Yoga and Anatomy & Physiology.


Learn to flow with Vinyasa yoga

My classes are strong, energetic and fun with a strong focus on correct alignment.

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Nikki Cousins

Nikki Cousins

Founder of Ashtanga Ireland and co founder of Breathe.

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    Nikki has been teaching yoga in Dublin since 2004. She is a dedicated Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner, and her passion for the practice comes from her first-hand experience of its transformative power. She originally trained with Paul Dallaghan in Yoga Thailand, and she continues to study with him every year. She has also trained with many of the top teachers in the world, traveling to different corners of the globe to seek out teachings. Yoga Thailand is where she got her EYRT500 from Yoga Alliance, which is the highest accreditation attainable by the international yoga body. Nikki teaches yoga in Cork and Dublin and is the primary teacher-trainer on the Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training programme in Dublin’s Temple bar.


Ashtanga yoga taster

Experience the power of Ashtanga yoga. Modifications will be given as needed, to make this accessible for most, although it is not suitable for complete beginners.

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Greg Walsh

greg walsh

Owner of Samadhi Yoga Studios and co-founder of Breathe

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    Greg Walsh has been teaching yoga since 1999. He is Iyengar Junior Intermediate 2 trained, and accredited with Yoga Alliance, the highest certification that international body Yoga Alliance gives. Greg owns Samadhi Yoga Studios, with branches in Dublin’s Temple Bar and Drogheda. Samadhi is nationally recognized for its teacher training, and the high standard of its classes. Samadhi has been open for 7 years, and previous to that Greg ran Prana Yoga Centre.


Balance, Strength and Stretch

Iyengar Yoga, following the teachings of BKS Iyengar, is about alignment, intelligent asana sequencing, and timing.
Alignment creates postural balance and gives optimal benefits from each pose.
Sequencing of asana layers the benefits of each pose, magnifying benefits of preceding asanas.
Timing is key in Iyengar yoga as an asana creates different vibrations in the body as it is held for a longer or shorter period.
Iyengar Yoga promotes strength, balance and flexibility in the body. It gives mental clarity and burns through stress. Expect to feel energised and elated!

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Sylvia Ferguson

sylvia furguson yoga teacher

Hatha yoga teacher based in The Yoga Hub

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    Sylvia’s love of yoga and dedication to her practice, studies and students is apparent in her classes. Her attention to detail in the language she uses and her thoughtful sequencing encourages students to be mindful in body and breath. The goal is to focus attention; the result is a deep sense of lasting calm and a physical practice that is both safe and challenging. Weak spots become stronger; areas of tension and tightness soften. She guides each student to focus their awareness deeply on aspects relevant to them, at that moment, always seeking balanced effort.
    Sylvia has been teaching for 10 years, a much loved teacher who tends to attract a devoted following. She has been teaching in RTE for 8 years where she has lunchtime classes and she teaches regularly in The Yoga Hub and in Rathfarnham.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha with a twist

A flowing Hatha class suitable for all, everyone welcome. Focus on breath as we gradually unfold, lengthening, strengthening and releasing tension. A simple sequence will take us deeper into twisting to prepare us for some delicious, strong, deep, restorative, deeply cleansing postures. A revitalising class to make you feel like new again!

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Marie Kennedy

Marie Kennedy

Personal and Business coaching & facilitation, yoga, movement, meditation

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    Mari Kennedy creates alchemical spaces guiding people back to the wisdom of their hearts and the truth of who they are by transforming all that “appears” to be in the way of living life to its full and highest potential.
    She weaves various practices through her work including yoga, mindfulness, self inquiry, meditation, sound, movement, ancient wisdom, transformational coaching, shadow work and play.
    She has been teaching yoga and meditation for 8 years and currently leads retreats around the country, teaches on the mindfulness course in Oscailt and has a private coaching practice.


Heart, Hips & Hamstrings

Join Mari for a playful practice that invites opening in some of the places in our bodies where we are tight and stiff. As we free the shoulders, hips and hamstrings we will experience freedom and fullness throughout the entire physical body and also in our mind and heart.

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Roisin O’Shea

roisin o'shea

Intermediate Iyengar Instructor

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    Roisin began practising yoga in 2000 and almost immediately she knew it was something she wanted to learn more about. So she was delighted when she was given the opportunity to train as an instructor with Marian Kilburn. Roisin received her Introductory Level II certificate in 2004 and has been teaching since then. While maintaining her own practice, Roisin regularly attends workshops with visiting and senior Irish Iyengar teachers. Roisin now holds an Intermediate Junior Level 2 Teaching Certificate. Roisin teaches regular weekly classes and weekend workshops at iYoga studio’s in Phibsboro Dublin 7, which she part owns.

Iyengar Yoga

Exploring standing poses

The class will be a general level class with a strong focus on standing postures to help strengthen and improve flexibility overall.

Marquee Workshops €15

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Michael Ryan

Picture 15
The Yoga of Relationship

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The Yoga of Relationship

The relationships of our lives offer us the opportunity to grow and break free from the ways of being that no longer serve us. These relationships often challenge us, pushing us to the edge of our comfort zone. It is here that transformation may happen as our relationship to the Self illuminates. This practice will use a Slow Flow Deep Hatha Sequence to support the most important relationship of all…our relationship to the the very Highest within us.

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Lisa Petersen

lisa petersen

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Somatic Movement Educator, Body Mind Centering Specialist

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    Info to follow..

Somatic Yoga

Fundamental Foundations: Building Stability, Cohesion and Integrity in Yoga

What is your Yoga practice built on? One key foundation is the relationship to the ground, gravity, and space. Every pose is a balance pose as we extend our muscles and stack our bones to optimise the way we carry our weight. With each breath, we refine the balance through the centre of the bones and subtly realign our structure. It’s a dynamic dance whether we are in movement or stillness.

This workshop explores how to consciously engage the support of gravity to allow a buoyant rebound into space. This action, called yielding creates impeccable alignment and a sequential flow of force and energy through the body. It simultaneously creates the optimum conditions for breathing to happen. In particular, we will look at how the relationship of yielding, pushing and reaching in sun salutations and how these neurological actions combine to create effortless movement.

This workshop will include some somatic movement enquiry, applied experiential anatomy, yoga asana, slow vinyasa and breathwork. Suitable for students from all streams of yoga with over one year practice.

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Kanta Barrios

kanta barrios

E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapeutics

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    A lifelong yogi, Kanta is certified by the International Yoga Alliance at the highest level, E-RYT 500. She has trained extensively in Anusara, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga and is licensed to teach Anusara Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics.

    The heart of Kanta’s training is 22 years of dedicated practice and study of Siddha Yoga meditation under the guidance of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.

    Kanta was drawn to teach Hatha yoga after she found that her own practice was helping her overcome long-term physical injuries. “Over the years,” she says, “I discovered the power of yoga as a therapy, the way good alignment can heal the body.”

    “In yoga there are some simple principles of alignment to learn. Applying these principles actually protects and heals the body.”

    As a teacher, Kanta is dynamic and sensitive, inspiring and compassionate. Her classes focus on moving with the breath, developing strength, and cultivating awareness.

    Kanta has studied and taught yoga in her homeland of Mexico, in yoga’s homeland of India, in the United States, and around the world.

    She released a series of Yoga DVD’s including international best seller “Yoga Therapy for Back Pain & Stress Relief”, “Yoga for Beginners: for Strength, Flexibility & Relaxation” and “Improve your Yoga Practice, from Basics to Expansion”.


Learn to Love Backbends: Be Steady, Be Safe, Be Wild!

Backbend poses are an essential part of any yoga routine: they are invigorating, uplifting, have a soothing effect on the mind and open the heart.

They are often referred as the “fountain of youth” poses for their revitalizing effect: they restore elasticity in the spine, tone abdominal organs, stimulate proper functioning of the digestive system, promote good posture and keep your back healthy and supple. A few backbend poses will leave you feeling light, energetic and full of life.

At the same time backbends can seem daunting and particularly challenging for the body and mind. Common mis-alignment in these poses can over stress and tighten the lower back, shoulders and neck- making you feel stuck and limited.

In this workshop we will progressively learn how to access these poses from a place of stability and strength. Feel safe and supported and learn to love the process of opening up your body as you venture deeper into the heart: the source of boundless joy and freedom.

All levels are welcome- variations will be given to suit everyone.

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Deirdre Murphy

deirdre murphy

Acro yogi, yoga for pregnancy teacher, dancer and Fumbally dynamo!

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    Deirdre Murphy has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and teaching for more than 8. Originally from Alaska, she practiced, studied, and taught throughout the US before moving to Ireland in 2005. Her greatest influence as a teacher is Erich Schiffman, who encourages allowing the student to develop their own practice and follow bodily intuition within a class context. She has also completed trainings with David Swenson and Larry Schultz, and many inspiring workshops along the way. Originally an Ashtanga practitioner and teacher, her practice and teaching now draws on all of hatha yoga.
    Deirdre has an extensive professional dance and movement background, and her practice is thus influenced. Her classes find the artistry in connecting breath and movement through imagery and sensation, and flow through and between postures. Teaching prenatal yoga and childbirthing arose after practicing through the pregnancies and empowering homebirths of her two sons, now aged 4 and 6. She welcomes the calming affect of yoga, in parenting, and in life!

Acro Yoga

Introduction to Acro Yoga

Acrobatic Yoga is the most body-friendly practise I have ever come across. It is energising, grounding, and sociable, and it makes you feel AMAZING.

Acrobatic Yoga combines yoga with acrobatic adagio – partner work. The most common thing that we work on is L basing – with one person lying on their back, legs extended up, with the other person on their feet (exactly like Superman, from when you were a kid). There are massive therapeutic elements – the flier can be twisted, massaged, stretched, and just relax into the complete support of their partner. We always work in teams of three – so you have a base, a flier, and a spotter (safety first). It can move into more acrobatic flying – inversions, turns, etc – which are exciting and dynamic, and tend to fill people with a sense of awe at that which they can accomplish. We always close by being stretched out by our friends and neighbours – just a little something extra, to make it that much more addictive!

The most important element, to me, is that the classes and jams have a very strong sense of community. Never before have my classes been so filled with laughter and sociability. My friend said it astutely: If Yoga means union, Acrobatic Yoga must be union with community. I couldn’t say it better myself.

Indoor Workshops €15

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David Collins

david collins

Founder of

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    David has been teaching Yoga for 20 years, and the last 11 of these have been at his own Shala, Ashtanga Yoga Dublin, in Blackrock, which he runs with his wife Paula.
    Yoga for them is a process of letting go; of illness, of stress, of insecurities and fears; of everything that prevents us from enjoying life to its fullest, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
    They teach each student according to their individual needs, combining asana, pranayama, chants and meditation as the tools with which to develop balance and self-reliance in all aspects of life.
    David and Paula are both authorised by Manju Pattabhi Jois to teach traditional Ashtanga Yoga.


Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Ashtanga Yoga is a complete system of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices deigned to bring us peace at every level of our Being. Join David to explore the principles and practices of the Eight Limbs Of Ashtanga Yoga, including an introduction to the origins of this ancient practice, as well as the practices of asana and pranayama, traditional chants, meditation and relaxation. Hari Om

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Lou Horgan

lou horgan

Lou Horgan has been teaching yoga for 10years

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    Lou Horgan has been teaching yoga for 10years and for the past 7 has specialised in yoga for pregnancy.
    Recently Lou completed certification in Womb Yoga, a study of yoga for all the cycles of a womans life.

    Lou is influenced by varying schools of thought which she has woven together and combined with her own unique experience of the world to create her teaching style. Her training began in India with teachers from the Iyengar, Sivananda and Ashtanga traditions. She continued her studies with The Life Centre, London, where she gained certification to teach, as well as registration with the International Yoga Alliance and The British Wheel of Yoga. Lou has been fortunate to have studied with many wonderful teachers worldwide and continues to do so in order to deepen her practice and understanding of this ancient art. Without a doubt her favorite place to teach is on the grass in Dartmouth square.

Hatha Flow

Elements of yoga

Lou will be teaching a class following the tantric belief that the more elements used throughout the practice, the deeper the practices potential. Lou will draw on pranayama, asana, mantra mudra and bandha in this enlivening session.

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Dagmar Khan

dagmar khan

Dagmar Khan is the leading Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher in Europe

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    Dagmar Khan is sought-after core-expert and specializes in helping people overcome physical roadblocks and rehabilitate from serious injuries, such as spinal problems, knee complications, hip replacements and arthritis.
    She has worked with 1000’s of people and has created successful Yoga Tune Up® programmes for athletic clubs, colleges, university lecturers in sport and medical doctors. She has also created tailored programmes for senior management of corporations.
    Dagmar is founder & director of Yoga Teacher Assistant®, a secure cloud based system specifically tailored for Yoga Teachers & Therapists, helping them to cut down on time spent on their administration and enhance their revenue generation.
    She is a creator of INJURY FREE RUNNING programme for the Solas Run For Life, and her work has been featured on Beat 102 103,Munster Express, WLR FM, Waterford today and Waterford News & Star.

Yoga Tune-Up®: Therapy Ball Workshop

Empower yourself to self-soothe!

This Therapy Ball workshop teaches trigger point self-massage techniques to reduce tension, shorten muscle recovery time, improve circulation and augment nerve conduction. Learn a head-to-toe massage series which has been proven to affect profound change in the following areas: Rotator cuff, upper back, shoulders, neck, hips, lower back, IT Band, calves and feet.
You will guided through specific techniques to instantly roll out tension, break dysfunctional movement patterns, and provide valuable insight into your own anatomical architecture with the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls. These easy and effective self-massage techniques will provide you with tools to reduce and/or eliminate pain, prevent injuries and build your Self Care toolbox to take your pain into your own hands.
No yoga experience required. All levels are welcome-for newcomers to teachers alike.

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  • 18:30

Joe Saflund

joe saflund

Long term yogi

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    Joakim started teaching about two years ago. One reason for this was, possibly, that he was ripe. A decade and a half after his introduction to the discipline of yoga practice. Also, after a lifetime spent seeking in one way or another for what might be termed “Peace”.
    It was here all the time.


Freedom Thru Yoga

One day we arrive at the gate of Yoga. Through circumstances we are here, more or less ready. With expectation or without. Full of questions. Hope for healing, or with fear of performing in an unsatisfactory way. Lumbered with ambition to outshine others through skill or apparent wholeness. Maybe none of these.
Where Yoga is, there is freedom. Come as you are, beginner or advanced practitioner, and forget what you know at the door. Step into exploration.
We won’t shy away from difficulty but will not seek it for its own sake. Allow this wonderful body of ours to show the way. Sagely.
This practice facilitated by Joakim asks nothing of you other than that you come and be your perfect self.

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