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The Happy Pear


Purveyors of fine tucker

Healthy, tasty food

Selection of salads and cakes

Steve and Dave (identical twins, in case you wondered!) started The Happy Pear more than 7 years ago – a natural food market with fruit and veg, dry goods, a juice bar, a wholefood café and restaurant and a superfood farm. Last year at Breathe they sold out of all there food by 4 O’Clock, this will not happen this year, but that is how yummy and nourishing there food is. Made with love and bursting with goodness, these boys know how to prepare the energy foods your body needs for a day of Yoga

The Urban Farm


Greening the city from the top down!!

The Urban Farm and Worshops

The Urban Farm

The Urban Farm grows food on a Dublin city centre rooftop with indoor aquaponic allotments for all season growing.
The idea is to convert a negative space into one that creates a tangible benefit for the community. In 2012 Urban Farm secured Workshop & Rooftop space at The Chocolate Factory, a new creative community developing in an old factory
in the heart of Dublin, where we are researching and demonstrating intensive urban growing techniques, growing food, keeping fowl, fish and bees. Andrew Douglas, who conceived of the project,hails from a long family line of horticultists established in tradional soil based agriculture.


Join like minded others and put crow bar to pallet and hammer to nail and build it yourself with a little help from the farm workshop.


Spread the joy of colourful spaces and gardening with seed bombS! Join us at our all day seed bombing making workshop, all ages from 5 to 95 will enjoy this fun filled activity.

Urban Apparel

urban apparel

Ireland’s hottest new yoga apparel store

Contemporary, stylish brands

Modern, stylish and trendyful wear

Urbanapparel is Ireland’s hottest new fitness and yoga apparel store. Born through a love of all things yoga and of all things fashion, it brings stylish brands from around the world to one online clothing site.
Yoga is fast becoming one of Europe’s leading choices when it comes to exercise, meditation and relaxation. However, there are very little options out there when it comes to looking fashionable in the yoga room. Our brands have been sourced from The UK, Canada and The United States, bringing you not only modern, stylish and trendyful wear, but also bringing you good quality functional apparel.

Although primarily a yoga site, urbanapparel is also aimed towards lovers of all fitness activities. Our apparel can be worn during pilates, spinning, swimming, surfing, running and all other general athletic practices. We believe that if you look good on the outside you will feel good on the inside, helping you to focus and concentrate. This will lead to overall better practice, whatever your choice of activity may be.



World Class Superfoods and Smoothies

Zinging Health

Smoothie mix and breakfast toppings

Superlife is an Irish company passionate about creating a healthier & happier world. Diarmuid and Talya Russell have been putting all there time & energy into creating healthy, convenient and widely accessible superfood blends to help rejuvenate & restore all those who use them.

The whole team at superlife enjoy a daily yoga practice and feel that good food and healthy living can be a fun and uplifting way of life to be enjoyed by all.

At this present time, the world is going through a dramatic health crisis. The modern world’s lifestyle is fast and everything, especially our food, is instant. As we all know, food related illnesses are higher than ever: diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many more.

To solve this growing epidemic we feel that a global shift is needed on every level. Now is the time for thousands of food companies worldwide to offer real, authentic, healthier options, and for millions of people to reeducate themselves on body, mind and nutrition. This will lead to a happier and healthier life.

For lots of info on our company, products available & lots of healthy tips

We look forward to meeting you @ this years Breathe Yoga Festival where we will be making some sensational smoothies and more.

We Can Have A SuperLIfe!

The Yoga Room

the yoga room clothing and yoga goodies

Yoga clothing

Yoga clothes and equipment

YOGA ROOM is an exclusive Irish stockist of Omgirl, Be Present and Agoy yoga gear.

Collections include great fitted cotton leggings, tops, apres yoga wear, buddha print tees, sweatshirts, kids tees and baby gros, silk scented eye pillows and designer yoga mat bags.



Precious Wellbeing

yoga clothing

London-based lifestyle brand, specialising in exclusive, eco-friendly Yoga and Pilates Clothing

Wellicious is a London-based lifestyle brand, specialising in exclusive, eco-friendly Yoga and Pilates Clothing, Loungewear and Accessories. Founded in 2007 by Heike Schnell, entrepreneur and passionate Yogista – Wellicious products are designed to make you look good and feel great.
We offer a lifestyle choice, including a holistic platform on our website, to share knowledge about yoga, Pilates, health and wellbeing. Friends and fans can use our platform to contribute tips and trends for a glamorous and exclusive yet healthy and responsible lifestyle.
The collection takes inspiration from luxury brands, so that each season is infused with the latest fashion design and colour trends. Stylish and versatile, you will always look great whether in a yoga or Pilates class, lounging at home or out meeting friends.
The secret to the unique comfort of Wellicious clothing lies in the blend of carefully selected natural and luxurious fabrics such as organic cotton, lyocell, tencel and cashmere, all sumptuously soft to wear.
From flattering drawstrings on tops, to practical cuffs on pants, every tiny detail has been considered to ensure the perfect fit, so that every woman from size XSweet, Marvellous to Luxurious looks and feels beautiful.
Wellicious embraces the yogic philosophy using only sustainable materials, manufacturing and packaging and ensures all of its products are ethically produced in Europe. The company actively supports SOS Children’s Village in Peru by donating a percentage of its profits to the charity each season and each member of staff sponsors their own child from the orphanage.
We are proud to count Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, top model Erin O’Connor, singer and actress Dannii Minogue, and renowned yogista Maya Fiennes as our loyal fans. Many star yoga teachers also advocate the brand for its comfort and high quality, including Annie Carpenter, Tara Lee, Katy Appleton and Gabriela Bozic.
Wellicious is available worldwide from exclusive fashion retailers, department stores, spas and high-end yoga & Pilates centres as well as via our online boutique at
Be Wellicious…

Natasha’s Living Food

natashas living food

Raw and Living Food

Healthy tasty treats to eat at Breathe or take home

Beautiful, natural, healthy and delicious food!

My whole family loves food. My mum and dad brought us up as vegetarians, so we always ate loads of fruit and veg, and not much sugary stuff or dairy. At a party, you will always find my family gathered around the table in the kitchen, pretending to chat to people while scouting out the feast!
So from childhood, I’ve learned that a healty, vegetarian diet can also be deliciously tempting. I took these lessons with me, and trained to be a Raw chef, before setting up my Raw & Living food company in Ireland.


Yogandha oils will deepen the benefits of your yoga & bring calm & balance into your day

Yoga orientated blended essential oils

Yogandha oils are formulated by Sinead Duffy, a practicing yoga teacher.

Gandha is sanskrit for fragrance and the fragrant substances – woods, herbs, plants and resins – sandalwood, myrrh, cedarwood, jasmine, etc. that have been filling ashrams and rubbed on the skin for over four thousand years of yoga practice.
these fragrant ingredients enhance the yogic state, and when used at other times help bring us back to that state.
the purpose of yoga and meditation is to quieten the busy front part of the brain and connect with the more meditative back brain. all of our 5 senses pass through the front brain – bar one – the sense of smell. it directly accesses the older, more meditative back brain – the part we to try to connect with in yoga. this is why fragrant products have always played a role in yoga and meditation.

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